Do you work with beginner triathletes?

Absolutely! My aim is to get beginners and those starting the sport confident and fitter than where they are. The great thing about the sport of triathlon is that it can be just as exciting and fulfilling for a recreational athlete as a highly competitive athlete. No matter what level, proper training and having a coach can help a novice navigate the challenges involved.

Do you work with more than just triathletes?

I work with a variety of athletes. The nature of triathlon coaching requires a strong understanding of each of the events and how to maximize an athlete’s performance across each: swimming, cycling and running. As a result, I also work with athletes who only take part in one of the 3 disciplines.

What if my schedule needs to change due to personal or work reasons?

For many of my athletes, family and work commitments take priority over their sporting pursuits. As such things come up from time to time that pose a challenge for training schedules and may require an adjustment of a couple of days. Through our regular communication,  I’ll revise your plan as needed.

What can I expect when I start to work with you?

As soon as we decide to move forward with creating a coaching program I will  schedule your first meeting or phone call that will help to lay the groundwork for your plan. We’ll talk about your background, various goals, any upcoming events that you have on your race calendar, or what events you would like to prepare for.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment includes direct debit or PayPal on a renewable month-to-month basis.

What makes my plan custom?

I  listen to my athletes’ needs, concerns and requirements to deliver an individual training plan delivers the right amount of stimulus for growth and a healthy balance between training and life. Through ongoing feedback and communication I can adjust the plan as needed to maximize your overall improvement.

What is your coaching philosophy?

An athlete’s ability to train consistently is the foundation for improving fitness to the next level and to achieve goals. Triathlon is a challenge, both physically and mentally.

General Questions:

What distances are involved in triathlon races?
The most common terms you will see are Sprint and Olympic (or standard).
Sprint = 400m-750m swim, 15km-20km bike, and 3km-5km run.
Olympic = 1.5km swim( usually open water ), 40km bike, 10km run.
Other distances including novice, 70.3 and Ironman.


What other websites should I visit to find out more?

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