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70.3 Gdynia

70.3 Gdynia   

This was my last race of the season and what a race to finish with!

I wasn’t sure where the latter part of the year would take me, having started the season early, but this race looked amazing!

The build up to the race was incredible, with acrobatic planes over the start-line, smoke from the finishing chutes, crowds of people…….

Originally the swim was going to be cancelled due to water quality in the Baltic Sea, however by Saturday it was given the all clear, however, the swim itself didn’t smell too clean on entry and exit!

The rolling start worked well, and I had a good swim, finding some feet to sit on the back of. On exit, though the ground was uneven and had a small trip, but managed to continue on speedily through T1.

I felt amazing on the bike and after 10km approached the long climbs and the rolling course. It was a fast course but had its challenges, particularly the rain in the last 20km which made the roads very slippy, with a few people coming off, and also left pot holes full of water or streets flooded.

The run was lined with spectators, more than normal so this was a real pick -up however I really struggled on the run with heavy legs, so by half way through tried to just enjoy it and do what I could.

Given my run I would be surprised if I had podium as I knew I needed a 1.35 fish run so receiving a 4th was pretty good. However, had an amazing time with friends and I know I pushed with all I had so am pleased!