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70.3 Marbella

70.3 Marbella  

First race of the season and I had decided to start racing some hillier courses.

I had driven around the course in February so I knew what was coming so felt prepared.

Unfortunately on race morning the swim had been cut short. We had not been told, but it looked like the turn buoy was much nearer than I had swim the day before.

Once we started the swim and approached the red buoy, it was confirmed swim was definitely short, although by how much I was not sure so had to check afterwards. There was a huge swell and just made sighting so difficult!

Once on the bike I knew it was a serious amount of climbing ahead so started with a steadier pace to be ready for this. After 10k we started to climb, switchbacks onto flat roads into villages then back to switchbacks. It was a steady slog up, then a HUGE decent where I was riding at 50 mph! This went on and on only to remember I had to me back up this, and when it happened, the wind was also into my face making it even tougher! I was happy with my bike time, given my Garmin came close to 5000ft of climbing.

I was then going forward to the run, until….. I fell in the first km really badly. I landed on my shoulder, grazed both knees and badly twisted my ankle. I couldn’t run. This was a shock as I have never actually struggled before. After a km I caught up with my friend on the side line and encouraged me to keep going as I had a 5min lead on 2nd place. I did continue but it hurt and I think adrenaline pseudo me through. Not the run I had hoped for but I was happy to still have got on the podium in 3rd on such a tough course. One the McNamee described as the toughest 70.3 out there.