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Chicago ITU World Championships 2015


I had Chicago in my sights having been injured for the Worlds in 2014 so thankfully qualified early on in the 2015 season and was able to train with my main race in sight.

The whole experience was amazing from start to finish. The opening ceremony, watching fellow athletes race, the elites race and of course take part as well.

The course was exciting. The swim was a straight line in beautiful water, unlike the dark depths of local lochs, the bike through underground roads, An unknown course to everyone and a run, 3.5 times around the beautiful fountain and down the roads lined with fellow GB supporters.

For me the swim sadly didn’t go as well as planned. People were slow to get off the pontoon and got stuck at the back struggling to get out of the “washing machine”. At the turn buoy I knew I had lost a couple of minutes as could see the pack ahead. I had to try to just keep focused on the rest of the race.

Once on the bike I was flying. It was the best bike course I’ve ever done, with challenges through light conditions, the number of athletes on the course and with tight turns. I was really happy with the bike split and had to just hope my legs would cope on the run after smashing it! Thankfully they did, although the heat definitely had an impact and I would have liked to have been faster but just couldn’t get that extra pace but it was consistent and just kept picking people off. The support along the way was incredible which kept motivation high on what was a monotonous course!

Once I crossed the line, it dawned on me that I had now achieved my dream! And surprisingly finished 3rd GB in my age category, placing ahead of those that beat me in my qualifier-happy days! Now what next……?