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Liverpool British Championships 2016 Standard Distance Triathlon

l1The Liverpool Triathlon is one of my favourite races, based in the heart of the city along the docks. I was so excited to race and have the support of my family there.

The swim was warm and lacked the usual amount of jellyfish, although there was one floating nearby at the start which seemed to freak out a few people next to me.

The swim kicked off well, I got a great start up to the first buoy then lost the lead pack. It was then hard work but maintained a rhythm to get to the end. Happy with my swim, I exited and entered the huge Echo arena to get my bike.

I was excited to get on the bike course. Flat and fast. The course was brilliant and I smashed my 40km PB. I really left nothing out there.

I hoped I had something left in my legs. Thankfully I did and ran a solid 10km to finish. I wasn’t sure where I was in the img_8373placing but my aim was to get a medal in my age group so when I found out I had a bronze I was over the moon. This is one of the races that just panned out to plan. Hurrah. I wish this was always the case!