Claire Bordon (Marathon Runner)

London Marathon 2016

I have always wanted to be a runner and would often talk myself into going out for a 3 mile run knowing fine well the physical and mental battle which would take place the entire time I was out.  Once I was back at the start my trainers would be put away again for another few weeks until I was brave enough to try again.

I was always jealous of other runners who appeared to float through air and I would ask myself why I couldn’t look the same.

Stupidly, or bravely, I thought the only way to win the battle would be to enter the London marathon and I was lucky to be given a place in the 2015 marathon.  It is important to note that up until this point the longest I had ever ran was 3 miles!  Now I had no choice but to learn to love running and this is where Kirsten comes in.

Kirsten stripped running right back to basics by looking at my posture which would change the way my feet would land to how my arms should move which encouraged better form.

I can’t forget how regularly she would calm the voice in my head that would tell me I couldn’t do it.

My sessions would be challenging, but always achievable, and by adding walking breaks into sessions Kirsten taught me that running could be enjoyable and calming after a difficult day.

Kirsten has always been there encouraging and listening to me and it never seemed to be a chore to her.  Without the support of Kirsten I wouldn’t be where I am now with my running.


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Leanne Frappell (Triathlete)

I decided to take up triathlon a number of years ago. I quickly realised that swimming was my weakest event despite hours of self- training in the pool. Due to this I attended a number of various swimming sessions, but was never able to make the progress that I desired.

I began attending Edinburgh Triathletes, which is where I met Kirsten. I was delighted to find that she was coaching one of the swimming lanes. Through her guidance and teaching, my technique and swimming ability have improved dramatically, and I’m now far happier with the times that I am able to achieve in the water.


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Kirsty Taylor (Triathlete)

When I first came to Kirsten all I knew was that I wanted to be a triathlete with no swim experience the challenge was definitely a large one. I have a very busy schedule so it is difficult for me to be able to free up enough time on a weekly basis to see a coach so this is where Kirsten comes in as a coach from a distance. This was perfect as I could get the help I needed in the way I needed it. The online training plans were extremely helpful and detail and if I ever had questions Kirsten was easy to contact. Without her coaching I can honestly say I don’t think I would have been able to finish even half of my first triathlon!




Angela Birrell (Triathlete)

London AJ Bell SprintTriathlon 2016

angela-1angela-2After a major panic attack in the water whilst taking part in the London Triathlon Super Sprint in 2015, I was determined to conquer my fear of open water swimming and so promptly entered the Sprint distance for 2016. I was convinced I could get through by putting time in at the pool but 3 months before the race, I became gripped with fear and realised I couldn’t go it alone. I’d concentrated so much on my swimming I could barely ride the bike and any running distance beyond 2K eluded me. That’s when I contacted Kirsten.

Kirsten pulled together week-by-week plans for me and was always on hand to answer questions and checked up on me almost daily to see how I was doing. Kirsten’s incredibly calm and encouraging manner made the world  of difference to me.

Not only did I complete the Sprint and love every second of it, I also completed the Loch Lomond one mile Great Scottish Swim just a few weeks later. I could never have done this without Kirsten. I’m really looking forward to working with Kirsten to do my first Olympic distance next year!

Morven Atkinson (Runner)

Half marathon &

London Marathon 2017

morvenI did my first half marathon in 2008 with my wedding looming, but by 2016 and 3 kids later they had played havoc with any running schedule. I was now 2 stone heavier than when I got married and this year I decided I wanted to focus on getting fit again. I really wanted to try another half marathon.  And since turning 40 this year, deep down I really wanted to attempt a full marathon before I got too old.

Anyone with kids knows how hard it is to devote time to yourself, and even when you do, the kids throw a curved ball at your plans half the time! I knew I needed a Jiminy Cricket voice of conscience. Someone who I was answerable to and would be letting down if I didn’t try my best, but someone who understood the confines of family life and wasn’t overly obsessive about sport.

My friend recommended Kirsten as someone who was so likeable and down to earth but super sporty! I got in touch and it’s been amazing. I don’t see Kirsten very often but we keep in touch every week and she writes my training plans. She’s always available if I need to ask anything which is exactly what I wanted.

I’ve lost weight and realised my love of running again. I did my first half marathon in 8 years in May, and under Kirsten’s guidance I’ve ran another 3 in 2016. I’ve now entered the London Marathon for 2017 with her encouragement that I can do this!!

Kirsten is perfect in that she’s an expert, infinitely knowledgeable on technique, injury, training plans, time scales and so on, but is also realistic as I am  a working mum with 3 kids under 5.

I know I couldn’t contemplate this without her to help to keep me on the straight and narrow and besides which, I like having her around to talk it all through with. She’s the perfect mix of trainer, friend and coach.