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Southport ITU Qualifier May 22nd 2016

Southport ITU Qualifier May 22nd 2016

I went into this race feeling positive off the back of 2 weeks of great training where I started to see everything come together. For me it was a race against myself. To put all the training into practise and the result…….my best race!

southport swimThis year I feel so much stronger with my swimming that I was determined to get out in front at the start and not be caught up in the muddle. Once we started I kept my head down and raced hard to get clear, which worked! I found myself in the front pack where I was able to draft, It became more difficult when we caught up with the end of the previous wave and slowed me down a bit trying to get through. Coming out the swim, I knew I had to be quick in transition. It was the longest transition I’ve ever been in and was sore running with cold feet, nevertheless I got my bike and exited quickly onto the course.

The course lent itself well to spotting athletes infront. I slowly picked them off one by one, then I got over taken by someone saying there is a 40sec lead. However, her being infront didn’t last long, as I put the foot down, passed her and Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 18.51.55continued my chase. My bike was solid and got a PB of 1:10.

In T2 I took 3 attempts to get my trainer on as I couldn’t feel my hands or feet …..Panic……! Time waste and I had to move fast!

bee2For the first time in tri I looked forward to the run. It was a chance to see where I was at, and to my amazement was flying. In my head I knew it was fast but refused to slow down.I overtook a couple more girls and held on strong to the finish where my family were there to support me over the line. I wasn’t sure where I had placed, but had spoken to a girl at the finish who reckoned she was in first, which she was and at 20 years old with a 3 minute lead I was happy to be 2nd overall and 1st in my age group along with a 10km PB.

This year I am not taking my place to go to Mexico. My dream was Chicago and maybe another worlds event in the future. But todays race was tough against a good standard of girls and has given me confidence racing. I am so happy with my result – Thank you Graeme Stewart.

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