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St Helens Standard Triathlon 2016

I went to this race having been unable to race my last race of the season due to illness. I just wanted one more and at this st-h
time of year there are not many races left.

The triathlon is a charity tri for the Steve Prescott Foundation, based south in St. Helens.

The course is a tough one, starting with the swim, the water was colder than I had experienced in August time! As a result, I had a slower swim than I had hoped but happy to get out of it!

I came into transition the same time as another girl and as I didn’t know anyone I knew I had to get a move on and out on the bike quickly.

img_8616Onto the bike, usual technical glitch as my Garmin gave in, the over-reliance on my power meter! Now what?! Thankfully after avoiding the kerb trying to sort it, I found the right screen on my watch to guide my power.

To my surprise the streets had groups of people cheering us on. It was fantastic and great to see such local support. The bike then had a steep climb at parts, 17 5%! Again this didn’t feel as bad as it was as groups of cyclists and supporters had stopped and positioned themselves on the hill, cheering and ringing cow bells. This was brilliant! Again fantastic local support.

The transitions were split so coming into T2 I was unsure where my place was or my bag with my trainers. This threw me a bit as I am normally super organized! Anyway I found it and headed out onto the run. I pushed it as hard as I could and was happy with the pace.

The finish line was mobbed. The sprint athletes were also coming through and the families and friends of athletes gathered collectively. The atmosphere was amazing, and the whole organisation of the event and helpfulness of the marshals was fantastic.

I had a great day out, made by taking the win, however I and would highly recommend this race to anyone to finish the end of the season and it is for a great cause.

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